Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We're Baaaaaack

I've just finished reading everyone's posts and comments, and I must say, I-am-gob-SMACKED. You guys are so much fun and such great sports to do this. I'll have comments of my own to post, maybe later today or tomorrow, about what you posted (JOHN), but as of now, my head seems stuffed with shredded paper bags (I hate when that happens.)

In the meantime, I'll be catching up on your blogs and on my email, and share an entry from my Moleskine on Friday, July 28th (Tomcat's birthday) when we went to Canterbury:

I met a lady in the Market. She's 83, lives five minutes away by bicycle - basket on the front, basket on the back. She lost her husband last September. He died in his sleep. She'd only been upstairs for about an hour. When she came back down, he was dead in his chair, the newspaper still in his hands. There was nothing she could have done for him, anyway, even if she'd been there with him, the doctors said.

She has three children who all live in or near Canterbury, and a granddaughter, a child psychologist, who lives in the States.

She told me about being a Line Lady in the war. I believe that's what she called it, Line Lady. The women worked on the production lines while the men went to fight.

It was later, when I was back on the bus, that I realized I had seen Buckingham Palace, the Thames, and the Crown Jewels, but it wasn't until I had met this woman that I had seen England.