Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How Childish

This is the senator who put a hold on the proposed Coburn-Obama bill which would have given us the ability to see how our tax money is awarded to government contractors: Alaska's Sen. Ted Stevens.

Curiously, Sen. Stevens denies that his hold was "secret," and that he put the hold on the legislation simply because he had some "concerns" that he had communicated to Sen. Coburn which had never been addressed.

Oh, really? According to Andrea Koppel's report on CNN just now, Sen. Coburn's office says that Stevens never voiced any concerns to him and in fact, never even attended any of the meetings where the bill was discussed.

Here's what really seems to be going on, people - look at the last two paragraphs of Ms. Koppel's report:

Last year a proposed $223 million for a "bridge to nowhere" connecting Alaska's Gravina Island -- population 50 -- to the mainland caused a nationwide furor. The allocation was backed by Stevens and fellow Republican Rep. Don Young of Alaska, the powerful chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The earmarked funding for the bridge was later rescinded by Congress. However, Alaska's overall allocation of federal transportation funds was not decreased, and the state is free to spend the federal dollars to build the bridge if it wishes.
When Coburn tried to block funds for the bridge, he was heavily denounced by Stevens on the Senate floor.

It was apparently nothing but childish payback by Stevens because Sen. Coburn had tried to block funding of Stevens' bridge in Alaska!