Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Interesting Places

(click to enlarge) The Regent's Canal boat ride took us to Camden. The canal was built for commerce only in the late 18th century, and the boats were towed along the river by horses. The horse would walk along the bank on the left, with the boat attached by ropes. There were stables for the horses who worked the river, and the manure was sold to farmers for fertilizer. Now, The Stables house one giant hippie flea market. It was like a time warp, man. For those of you who know Dallas, Tomcat said it was "like Deep Ellum on LSD." I dunno, the Regent might not object if he knew what became of this. He was quite the hedonist.

Another fun place, and one that we visited last time, was the Texas Embassy Cantina, where they have The Best Tex-Mex cuisine we've EVER had! It's a Gene Street restaurant, so again, if you know Dallas, you know that I'm tellin' the truth about the authenticity of the food. The place is near the site of the Embassy before Texas joined the Union.

Because of the Texas-like heat wave in London that week, we were very grateful to find that the authenticity included AIR CONDITIONING, and that they knew what "iced tea" was.

Are you sick of vacation pictures yet?