Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Get Back

Gotta get back to writing, now that The Move is over, and we've had our London vacation. No more excuses. Seriously.

My writers' group meets twice a month, and tomorrow is a meeting day. I've been submitting material from my WIP (Work In Progress) a chapter at a time, and getting some constructive feedback. I've been reading and critiquing the other members' WIPs. I've been learning and having a good time, but I haven't been writing.

Pretty soon I'll run out of material and will again face that long scary corridor in the space-time continuum - you know the one: The Unwritten Void. It's not really void, though. To paraphrase Dave Bowman in 2001: A Space Odyssey, "My God, it's full of words!" All I have to do is organize them into coherent sentences. Right.

Oh yes, it's sort of mapped out already. Story-boarded, like a script, in my Moleskine. But it is still Unwritten.

Well, I guess the best way to get this thing written is to stop farting around with blogposts about writing, switch over to the word processor program, and step boldly into the