Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On Native Soil

On Native Soil will be out on DVD today. It's a documentary about the 9/11 Commission - how it came to be (after a long struggle with the Administration), and its findings. Many important recommendations in the Commission's Report have yet to be implemented.

I watched it last night on Court TV and wept, not just for the tragedy of 9/11 itself, but for the ongoing tragedy of a still misinformed public. According to Bush, we are "safer" now. (This from a man who thinks that the Iraqi war is the "center" of the terrorist movement.) Incredibly, people still believe this.

What about Afghanistan and that guy, oh what's-his-name ... Osama Bin Laden? What if all the resources we've squandered in the Iraqi war had actually gone into fighting Al Qaeda (who was never in Iraq until we got there), and learning from past mistakes as detailed in the Report (such as the same radio links for all first responders).

Just a thought.