Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ah, The Weekend

officially started last night with yet another trip to Home Despot for yet another window unit air conditioner, because the one in the bedroom finally bit the dust. It couldn't have held on another few weeks 'til the weather cooled, of course.

Tomcat has already been outside moving garden-type stuff out of the garage and into a shed, and taking the old air conditioner out to the curb. Any outside work has to be done early in the morning because this is going to be another 104-degree day. This is the 45th day of 100+ temps.

Today's project: assemble the bed frame in the guest room (Tom), unpack the stuff that goes in the kitchen adjacent to the guest room (me), and unpack all the other boxes in there that contain junk objects de art and decide where it all goes (me.)

Hope y'all have a restful weekend, too.