Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wrapping Up

We took several pictures of stuff like this, which reminded us again and again that we were indeed in The Old Country.

The Market Square in Canterbury, where I met the English lady, has its own, ancient, tower, so they put a clock on it. It's that way all over the country, which is one reason we love it. It's wonderful to hear that the "new" wing of something was built in 17-something.

After Canterbury, where Tom visited the Cathedral (I couldn't walk the 200-yd round trip that day to see it), we went on to a little town called Denton ("Home of Happiness" for Rocky Horror Picture Show fans). We had cream tea at the Jackdaw Inn, rumoured to be where Becket's assassins fled to.

About that cream tea. Harumph. The tea sandwiches had, dare I say it, crusts on them, and the clotted cream and jam were in plastic containers with peel-off lids. For all I know, the tea was made with tea bags. Gawd!

"Cream tea" is the correct name for afternoon tea that is served with clotted cream, jam, scones or biscuits (cookies) and/or finger sandwiches. Cream tea, btw, is not the same as high tea. High tea, where meat is served, is not as fancy as cream tea. It evolved as a tea for the working class who needed a more substantial afternoon snack.

Miscellaneous - Here's the "full Monty" picture we took :)

We hope you enjoyed our vacation as much as we did!