Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bloggers Behaving ... ?

Like I said, I was gobsmacked when I got back from London and read all the great stuff my guest bloggers posted. I thank each and every one of you. Really. See? Look:

Hoss, you did me the honor of posting one of your best. It had everything a great b**g post should have - bar bitches tossing coins into belligerent bears' beers while doing it doggy style with out-sourced sports journalists, PLUS the parents had flies on them! You the man.

Pooks, your post reminded me of the zillion times over the past week when I've said I would never, ever try to ride a bicycle in London traffic. Not even in a fit would I think of doing such a thing. If you did an endo there, you would be endoed. As in, endo-yo-life endoed. So if you, perhaps in a fit one day, decide to try it, you must stop endoing that very minute. I mean it. Thanks for blogging about Livestrong, too. That's not advertising; that's smashing!

John's evil twin, Dick, showed up while I was gone and posted a picture of a hippo's ass in place of my photo. Yes, the Dick of Earle actually did that, AND justified it thusly, and I quote, "... it's because I think of her as a graying hippie. (Get it? Hippie?)" unquote. Okay, Dick, there's probably some gray under the blonde that's over the natural red of yesteryear, and I can see where you, being so uptight and all would think that I was a hippie, but a hippo's ASS?! Uncool, man. Like, what were you ON (and can I have some?) The part about the trip to England that JOHN posted was groovy, though.

Dan, I always enjoy hearing about the adventures of Dennis! You are the Master of the Puppet Show. And the moral of this one was spot on: Don't get hit by a truck. May I add: Or a lorry. Or a London cabbie. Or bicyclist. Or mo-ped. Or a motorcycle. Or a skateboarder. Or a pedestrian. It's exhausting just walking down the street over there! Is Canada like that, too? You would think that as obsessive as they are about driving on the wrong side of the street, they would at least make up their minds about which side of the sidewalk to walk on!

Ron, your post was outstanding! And so befitting my Tomcat. I can't wait for him to read it (he has not had the chance to even check his email yet because of all the stuff he had to take care of when he got home - long story.) And speaking of Blair :) Tomcat finally got to sit inside Parliament on their last day - he couldn't do that last time because the Iraq war was starting and Robin Cook was resigning Parliament in protest and the place was packed. Tomcat always says he would love to see Bush try to match the Q&A they have over there. Have you ever seen Blair at one of those? Intelligent, erudite, AWARE OF WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. Just imagine Bush trying to hold up to that. It's hilarious. And frightening.

Garnie, Thank you for the jokes! Here's my favorite British joke of all time, the one that makes me laugh no matter how many times I hear or think of it, and it's from Monty Python: a guy mispronounces a word, the other guy says, "Don't you know the King's English?" and the first guy says, "Of COURSE the King's English!" Hahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Okay, second fave: "There's the Prince!" - "How d'ye know he's the Prince?" - "He hasn't got shit all over him."

Oh my goodness, this was fun. Thanks again, guys. Luv ya.