Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The White Lady

I found out something interesting yesterday while I was having my manicure-pedicure. I've been going to this one salon for about a year now. The owners and employees are Vietnamese. They told me that they call me "The White Lady" because of my skin, because it's "so white" (I'm fair-skinned.) They said that's very desirable in their country.

If you Google "The White Lady," you'll run across the urban legends about her. You know, probably every state and/or city has one. In Dallas, it's The White Lady of White Rock Lake. Here's one from Utah.

Then there are various Castles of The White Lady. Here's The White Lady's Castle in the Czech Republic.

My favorite "White Lady" is, of course, Tolkien's Galadriel.

I could not, however, find The White Lady of The Nail Salon. Probably just an oversight.