Saturday, January 07, 2006

Book of Daniel

We loved it. The writing was brilliant. The acting was great, especially the three kids -- they just sparkled. Yeah, there were lots and lots of plot twists, but it will be a hoot to watch them all play out. It's a comedy, after all (but of course there are lots of layers to it, so some very serious things were going on, too.) Today one or the other of us will start giggling, and we know that it's because one of us had remembered another funny line from the program, then we share it and giggle together, and then remember another one, and another... not many shows have that kind of impact, so I definitely think this one's going to be a hit.

There were many priceless moments, like the kid falling from the window and landing on the JAG (of COURSE it was a Jag), and prior to that, when he was in bed with the girl, his elbow kept squishing one of her stuffed animals, making it squeek (oh, the layers to THAT one!), and he said it was like making love on Sesame Street, which SHE liked! And what about "Super Priest" in the anime script, and the daughter asks her Community Service partner, "Do you think that's offensive?"

This is one big dysfunctional family, which makes sense because a family gets dysfunctional in the first place because these behaviours get passed down through the generations. It's rare that an entire generation will get well; usually it's only one or two per generation, if that.

I'm eternally grateful to the Funda-Mentals for protesting this thing; otherwise, we might never have heard of it. One thing that bugged me was that Jesus was way too Gentile-looking. I'm not sure, but I think he even had blue eyes. What's up with that?