Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm Talkin' Trash Today

Yesterday we got cited for having a pile of twigs out on the curb. Bulky trash pickup is next week. The fine? Two hundred and twenty-five dollars. You may be thinking to yourself, oh sure, I bet it was more than a "pile of twigs" out there; it was probably a big honking forest. No. It. was. a. pile. of. twigs. Tomcat took a picture of it last night. I'll see if I can upload it for ya tonight when he gets home.

The pile of twigs was out there because the City failed to pick it up during last month's trash pickup week. This happens from time to time because people park on the curb and block the access. We're across the street from a school, so people often park out there all day.

The neighbors on both sides of us were also cited. Neighbor to the left has a box on the curb. There's a car parked in front of it. Neighbor to the right has a TV out there. A TV someone else put there.

Tomcat's going to the hearing in March, and he will request (demand) that the inspector be there. If he can't get the fine dismissed, then he's going to request (demand) a jury trial. Heh.