Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Can't Keep My National Disasters Straight

I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted from watching the first four hours of 24. This season looks like the best yet. There's a dumb-ass President in office while the terrorists are still running amok... no, wait -- that's real life.

We had to tape the first two hours on Sunday night because it ran opposite West Wing and Desperate Housewives. Then we watched them yesterday prior to the next two hours which aired last night.

In the middle of the third hour, Tomcat said, "Well, there must be something even worse coming up because the whole 24 hours can't just be this airport thing."

I said, "Yes, it's the nuclear reactor accident in California, remember from the previews? It's on the San Andreas faultline."

And he said, "No, darling, that's West Wing."

Oh. Okay.

Nuclear meltdown on the San Andreas = West Wing.

Nerve gas might be released in L.A. = 24.

Got it.

Meanwhile, Desperate Housewife Gabrielle's husband has violated his parole, and Tom and Lynette may be headed for divorce.

And the dumb-ass President is still in office.