Monday, January 02, 2006

Tomcat Throws Caution to the Wind

Whirrrrrrrrr.... Whirrrrrrrrr.... Whirrrrrrrr! I awaken to this sound. WTF? Tomcat tells me it's the shredder.

"I'm purging," he says.

"Oh? Purging what?"


How can this be? Tomcat saves everything. In case it's needed. You know. Sometime.

"But what if you need 1987?" I ask.

"Well, this pile over here? That's the stuff I'm going to scan and put on disc just in case. The rest of it can be thrown out."

Whirrrrrrrrr.... Whirrrrrrrrr.... Whirrrrrrrr! (Oh, the carnage.)

Later in the day, as he's taking out the third bag of shredded 1987, he says, "You must remind me to do this more than once every few decades."

Umkay. It took about six hours to purge 1987, not counting the scanning time. He wants to purge everything up to 1998. Let's see, that's about 60 hours of shredding, plus scanning time. I figure this will take at least another decade for him to get around to finishing that, at which time it will be time to remind him to do this again.

1998? You're safe for a good long while.