Friday, January 13, 2006

This n That

I couldn't post a pic of the pile of twigs because Tomcat didn't take it on the digital. I want him to also take a picture of the eight huge bags of leaves waiting in our courtyard for bulky trash week, plus pictures of all the cars parked on the curbs during the day. Oh yeah, we're gonna be ready for this.

Meanwhile, neighbor to the right has called two TV stations and they may be out today. He's pointing out that four years ago the City tore up our alley and told us that trash would "temporarily" have to be picked up in the front. I hope there won't be any retaliation against him. There was a story on the news a couple of weeks ago about a citizen who complained about the chickens and pigs living nearby. He had called and written letters to his representative on the Council. When he received no responses, he called in the press. The Council representative said she never received any letters from this citizen. The next day, the man received a citation for having a junk car on the curb. He called the press again, and they showed him getting into the car and the engine starting right up. As he pointed out, this would never happen in Madam Mayor's neighborhood.

Hey, I just heard myself on the radio! My friend Grace, the artist, and I went to SuperSuppers the other day and a guy was there doing a story about the place. Pooks (who is also Gabrielle, the writer) emailed me this morning and said she'd heard my interview and told me when it would be repeated. How cool is that? Speaking of Grace and Gabrielle, the Geez and I are getting together for lunch today.

Yesterday morning I wrote another 1,000 words on Paradise Parkway. I tell you, this NILTOY thing is really working for me! The impetus of commiting to 500 words a day PLUS having to report your progress at the end of the week is very effective. My characters are having lots of fun. I'm never sure what they're going to do when I sit down to write. One thing, though. They LOVE to talk. It's page after page of dialogue. And most of it's funny. Like I said, they're having fun.

Yesterday afternoon was my second appointment with my new therapist. I haven't been in therapy for decades because I'd had so much of it, and I figured that I was so well couch-broken, what would be the point. Wrong-o. This gal is good. We're taking a look at my dissociative disorder, and I'm learning some things I'd never considered before. It's exciting and scary at the same time. It's necessary (I was just hospitalized, twice, so yeah, it's necessary). But it isn't easy. Let's just say that on the way home, I stopped by the liquor store. :)

Everybody: Don't forget that tonight Book of Daniel is on NBC, 9:00 CST.

Have a great day, Bloggers!