Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Today and Who's Going Home Tonight and Stuff

It's just about time for Dancing With the Stars to come on - and I'm thinking that Jerry Springer will surely be the one to go home tonight. I think he wants to, and maybe his fans will let him now that we're getting down to the finals.

I have the front doors open and a cool breeze is coming in - I can hardly believe it. After the brutal summer we've had, this is a slice of heaven.

Speaking of which, Tomcat's mom makes the best rum cake I ever drank ate! Damn, girl - that was awesome! They left yesterday morning after a visit that was too damn short.

Writers' group today ended badly when one of the members got her feelers hurt and left. You know, we are a sensitive bunch. If we weren't, we'd be accountants or something. Maybe she'll cool down and come back to us. But when I got home, my stomach was in knots and I headed straight for the wine. I hate shit like this. Why can't we all just get along? Who said that, anyway? Oh wait.

I don't have to cook tonight - yay - because Tomcat's at a DeMolay meeting. He's a Chapter Dad. DeMolay meant so much to him when he was growing up. Now that he's reached a Significant Age, he finds himself with the title of "Dad." It creeped him out at first, I think.

Now, for John who was creeped out by the nose hair picture further down, here's something sweet: