Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Tell Us Tuesday" #1

I started "Silly Saturday" last weekend, which was just an excuse to find something silly to blog about and start the weekend off with a laugh.

Then, I wanted to come up with something more interactive, and thought of this: Tell Us Tuesday. You'll-like-it-it'll-be-fun-I-promise! Maybe it'll even get me you to keep writing about whatever the subject is and inspire you for the rest of the week!

So, every Tuesday I'll have a subject for you to tell us about. You can tell us here in the comments section, or leave a comment telling us where to look - like on your own blog.

The subject might be something from your past, or what you think or feel about certain things, your future plans, people you admire, places you've been, experiences you've had, and anything else I can think of.

Okay? Okay, here goes:

Tell Us Tuesday #1

Tell us about your favorite teacher.

I'll start:

My favorite teacher was Mr. Best. Yes, that was his real name. He taught Social Studies (do they still call it that, I wonder?)

He was unusual in three respects. First, he was a man. Most teachers were, and still are, I guess, females.

Second, he was a bachelor, which may have been a euphemism for gay back then. Funny, he didn't look gay :) but whatever, he was referred to as a bachelor by the other teachers.

Third, he was environmentally conscious waaaay back before that term was even invented. He rode to school on a motor scooter to save gas. He told us to conserve water by not letting the tap run while we brushed our teeth. He admonished us not to be wasteful.

I liked Mr. Best because he seemed to like me. I don't know why, exactly, but he seemed to like me. Once, I had almost forgotten that an assignment was due the next day, so the night before I threw together a notebook about the Vietnam war. All I did, basically, was cut out pictures and text from Life magazine. I felt guilty about not doing anything original, but Mr. Best gave me an A+!

In our Home Economics class (whatever do they call that now?), we had to make a skirt. The teacher invited Mr. Best to the classroom to watch the "fashion show." I remember his smile when I walked down the aisle wearing my ensemble. That smile meant so much to me because it was the approval that I craved. All of this was so innocent back then - there was not the slightest hint of anything improper. Can male teachers watch 12 and 13-yr-old girls model these days?

I remember another assignment he gave us, which was to write a newspaper headline to be dated 20 years in the future. Mine was, "Vietnam War Rages On."

Yes, I was a budding protestor even back then.

Now, it's your turn!
Tell us about your favorite teacher.