Sunday, October 08, 2006

Clueless in Baghdad Washington

Rice's Baffling Mideast Trip [click for full article]

Dodging bullets while hyping progress is not a convincing performance by
the secretary of state.

AFTER CIRCLING THE BAGHDAD airport for 40 minutes because of mortar and rocket fire, traveling by helicopter to the Green Zone to avoid the deadly bomb-strewn highway into the city and holding a meeting with President Jalal Talabani in darkness because the power was suddenly cut off, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice held a news conference Thursday to talk about all the progress being made in Iraq.

This kind of clueless happy talk in the face of overwhelming evidence to
the contrary might produce great material for political satirists, but it's not
very encouraging for those looking for signs of hope in the Middle East.

This is progress? It's a civil war, people. Wake up.