Friday, October 06, 2006

Pier One Rocks!

The morning started out with one of my least favorite things, the annual mammogram. Ladies, you know what I'm talkin' about: (^)(<) ouch ouch then (>)(~) and (<)(^) and so forth.

I needed a bit of retail therapy after that. We don't quite have enough living room seating yet, so I stopped by Pier One to see what they had in wicker furniture. I fell in love with a quaint little settee. Only it wouldn't fit into my hatchback (too big by about just a smidge.) Called Tomcat, but the company truck isn't available today, or even over the weekend. The delivery fee is outrageous (they use an outside source.)

Just when I'm contemplating whether it's worth renting a truck from Home Despot, or asking a friend of a friend who has a pickup truck if he's available this weekend, the Manager asks where I live, and then he offers to deliver it to me in his SUV when his assistant comes in this afternoon!

I couldn't believe it. You know, just when you think there aren't any nice people anymore, something like this happens and makes your day! Since he's the manager, I won't insult him by offering cash, but I will give him a bottle of wine.

Just goes to show, even if your day starts with getting your boobies squashed, it can end up with a nice place to park your buns!

Pier One is having a sale this weekend, so please keep that in mind when you're out shopping. If you live in Dallas, email me and I'll tell you which store to go to.

Happy weekend, everybody - and don't forget, tomorrow is Silly Saturday here at Chapterhouse.

(One tiny hint: bok bok.)