Thursday, October 05, 2006

Plumbing the Depths

I learn something every time the plumbers come out to the house, which is more often than I'd like - not the learning something, the plumbing problems.

Did you know that crawling around underneath houses can get you electrocuted? That's why one guy stays outside while the other guy goes under there, in case they need to turn off the electricity in a hurry.

There are wires under the house along with all those pipes down there. With the humidity, plus possible leaks, it's a dangerous situation if someone comes in contact with a wire. They explained that if a 220 wire zaps you, it'll knock you away from it. It might take half your finger off in the process, but at least you just get a quick zap. If it's a 110, however, the current will hold you forever unless the electricity is turned off. Not a good way to go.

And another thing: it's not a good idea to take an extension cord down there with you. Use a flashlight instead of taking a task light under there. Don't use power tools, either.

Tomcat's been under the house before, and is planning to go back again to do something about the loose boards on the porch that keep coming up. Now that we know about the electrical situation, we can use the buddy system that the plumbers use.

Just thought I'd pass this on!