Saturday, December 10, 2005

True Lies?

I saw this over at OldOldLadyoftheHills, who borrowed it from Colleen, so I'm shamelessly borrowing it, too. (Actually, I think I've seen this a long time ago, but ... the way my memory is ... maybe not). Please do check out these ladies' blogs! I guarantee you will be entertained. I "discovered" them through Michele, our lovely "topless blogger." Well, she USED to be topless, back when she had the picture of just the lower half of a woman on her blog. That was months ago when I had my old blog. Now that I'm back, the pic is gone and there are ALL KINDS OF NEW bloggers posting there! So, lots of folks to meet and greet.

Anyway, here goes (and feel free to use this bit on your own blog).

I list four things about myself. Three are true. One is a lie. You try to guess which is the lie. Results revealed in my next post. (No, there is absolutely no point to this.)

1. I was a professional astrologer for two years.

2. I was once the only passenger on a commercial airlines flight.

3. I was hit in the face by a frisbee at a Stones' concert.

4. I once met Robert Blake.