Monday, December 05, 2005

Hope for the Future

I received an email this morning from my friend "Grace" (the artist), whose hubster is the "Steve:Numen" on my blogroll. Their 12-year-old daughter, "M," is a genius. We knew that. M won first place in District mathematics this year, second place last year, third place the year before that. And NOW there's this email from her mom:

"We received M's 6th grade ITBS (Iowa Tests of Basic Skills) scores. She ranked in the 99th percentile in Reading, Language and Mathematics. Her National Grade Equivalent was 13+ (college freshman). We are so proud of her!We were recently contacted by Duke University's Talent Identification Program. M will be taking the SAT in Jan. and a good score will make her eligible for some very impressive summer classes.We have been blessed with a child who can do anything she wants and do it well. What parent could ask for more?"

Wow! They're ID-ing gifted kids to take the SATs -- and she's 12!

My late brother was a genius. He earned scholarships to everywhere, and chose to go to graduate school in Boulder. He was a physicist.

I wonder what M will choose.