Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hoss Tagged Me

Hoss tagged me - Yay!

He says: "Candy: Here's a double meme:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
What were you doing one year ago?
What are 5 things you enjoy doing?
What are your 5 bad habits?
What 5 things do you find yourself saying a lot?

That should keep you busy for awhile."

1. Ten years ago: I really don't remember. I'll ask Tomcat to look back in his journals and maybe something will jog my memory. This is yet another instance where I'll have to say, "Yes, honey, you're right; I should keep a journal. You never know when Hoss will tag you." The keyword here is "keep." I'm very good at starting journals. I just don't keep up with them.

2. One year ago: Enjoying the Midnight CANDLELIT Christmas service at our new church, The Fig. Candlelight at Midnight was (one) issue at our old church.

3. Five things I enjoy doing: (1) reading Hoss's blog (oops, sorry Hoss -- Hoss's b**g); (2) moving to North Carolina (well, I'm sure I will if I ever get Maxwell House sold...); (3) surfing the "internets" :) (4) making fun of Dubya (well hell, it's not like it's difficult or anything...); (5) browsing book stores. Hey, life in the fast lane, huh?

4. Five bad habits: (1) Sloth. Definitely sloth. (2) Procrastination. (3) and (4) Repeating myself; (5) Cursing.

5. Five things I say a lot: (1) "Shit" tops the list, unfortunately. (2) "That's my Schmoopie" to Tomcat (I know, gak.... but that's what we say); (3) "I'm cold!" (4) "I'm hot!" (5) "I wanna move to North Caroliiiiiinaaaaaa...!"

Hoss didn't say how many people I'm supposed to tag with the meme. I'll pick five, since five seems to be the theme of this one. Let's see, I tag ...

Creta at Sew Crazy
Dan at PuppetShow
Margalit at What Was I Thinking?
Pooks at Guilty of Being

(Please forgive if any of you got this meme before -- I've been away for a while).

I look forward to your answers!!!