Saturday, December 10, 2005

Back to Normal

The sun is shining and the high today will be at least 20 degrees above freezing. The city is back to normal. I wish I was. I think. I'm not sure anymore. See, after having those ECTs (electro-convulsive therapy, aka "riding the lightning"), my memory is shot. For days, I was thinking that I really needed to call a friend and neighbor of mine to let her know that I wasn't neglecting her; I had just been in the hospital for a month. But every time I thought of calling her, it was too late in the evening. Finally, yesterday, I remembered to call her at a decent hour. So, I did and told her that I was sorry I hadn't checked on her in a while, but I'd been in the hospital, and ... she said, "I know." Then I found out that I had already called her, like about a week ago.

I ran across an empty bottle of an antibiotic that had been prescribed by my shrink during the time I was in the hospital. I asked Tomcat why they were giving me an antibiotic and he said it was because they thought I was coming down with the flu. Really? I had no memory of that. Yes, he said, I was complaining of aches all over and soreness in my arms and legs and not feeling well, so they thought I had the flu.

I found a packet of forms to fill out and take with me for an appointment with my vascular surgeon. Did I have an appointment with my vascular surgeon? Yes, Tomcat explained, when both of my legs swelled up, the hospital doctors wanted clearance from my vascular doc before they could start the ECTs. So, we had scheduled an appointment, but then we cancelled it when the results of a Stroke Scan I had taken prior to going to the loony bin came in the mail. The Stroke Scan part I remembered, but not the rest. They also sent me to a cardiologist for a stress test (the chemical kind that speeds up your heart so you don't have to do the treadmill). I kind of remember that, at least bits of it, but I couldn't tell you what the cardiologist looked like, or even what his office looked like. Or anything, really, except being taken there in a wheelchair by an aide that I really liked named Audrey. And all of these things took place before the ECTs!

There are many other things I've discovered that I've forgotten, like my PIN. What worries me are the things I haven't discovered yet. Several times Tomcat and I have had variations of this conversation:

Me: What's wrong with this stupid light switch?
Tomcat: I don't know; it just stopped working.
Me: Oh. Did I already know that before?
Tomcat: Yes.

Some discoveries are quite pleasant, almost like finding hidden presents. Yesterday I discovered that I have two pairs of khaki slacks!

I'm going to start excavating "my resource room" today -- the room where I keep my computer, crafting supplies, and you know, stuff and things. Mostly stuff. But a few things, too. Hey, this could be fun. I hope.