Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Officially pissed off

Okay, Sen. Clinton has officially pissed me off. She was not my candidate of choice, but I thought I could deal with her being the nominee, if it came to that. After all, she would be the first woman prez, and it would be a hoot to see Bill as first lady. He's such a ham.

But yesterday she pulled a Rove and said that it wasn't a coincidence that al Qaeda chose the first day of Prime Minister Brown's term to launch an attack, implying, of course, that Sen. Obama's first day in office as President might result in a similar attack here in the States. "We" would need her vast experience to prevent something like that happen. That strategery worked for the rightwing-nuts, but it never worked with us. Who was she trying to kid? Us.

She also made some asinine comparison between Sen. Obama's dream for a united America and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream for America, pointing out that it took a President (LBJ) to make the dream happen, implying again that Sen. Obama is "just" a dreamer, but that his dream could only be enacted by someone presidential, like her. WTF!

The most idiotic thing she did was tear up, on cue and on camera, saying that she sees what's happening and that "we" have to reverse it. Of course, what she's seeing is her campaign slipping away and that's what she wants to reverse. Then she says that "some people" aren't as ready, and "some people" haven't thought much about what they'd do on the first day in office as President. Well, I'll tell you one thing that isn't likely to happen if Sen. Obama is elected President. On his first day in office, he won't cry.