Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kitchen Sink

I've added a link on my sidebar to Sen. Obama's fact-checker site. If any of you Obama supporters want to put one on your blog, email me for the code (unless you just want to make one of your own.) There's a link to my email on the Profile page.


Today's the day for the (alleged) closing on Maxwell House! ASSuming the fat lady sings, by late this afternoon Tomcat and I will be renters here at Maxwell House until we move to an apartment by the end of February. Maxwell House was left to me by my ex-husband, Max. We were married for three years, divorced in 1971, but remained friends all the years until his death in 2004. Tomcat and I married in 1986, and Max and Tom truly enjoyed being husbands-in-law. Max had a stroke three years before he died. We tried to help him run the house (it's chopped up into five apartments; Max lived upstairs) and take him to the grocery store and doctor, etc. I'll never forget the time Tom rigged up a pulley for Max on the second-floor back porch. That way, instead of carrying anything up or down the stairs, Max could put the item(s) in a basket and use the pulley. Isn't that something? I have some mixed feelings about leaving this place, but it's 95 years old and needs a lot of work. So we're moving on.


Finally, I don't know about you, but I am so sick of "reality" shows! Did anyone watch that new one last night, The Moment of Truth? I was torn between wanting to see what it was like, and wanting to boycott it at the time time. It was one of those things like watching a train wreck - you don't want to look, but you can't look away. It was brutal. I think the first guy lost his marriage and possibly his livelihood, not to mention the money, when it was over. His marriage because he confessed to delaying a decision to have children because he's not sure his wife is the right one to be his life partner, and his livelihood because he's a personal trainer, and he lied about occasionally touching female clients more than absolutely necessary. After the lie, a contestant is disqualified and loses all the money he was playing for. In the personal trainer's case, he was at the $100,000 level. I don't think I'll watch it again because the delay in announcing whether a response is "true" or "false" is annoying - they stretch it out so long that it's just silly and irritating.

I can't wait for the return of Lost! Here is a fabulous link to LostPedia. You could spend DAYS there, there's so much information to read. You can even post your own theories on the site. I hope the writers' strike is resolved (damn those producers!) in time to finish up the series before I 'splode.