Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Look Up

[speaking in frightfully posh British accent]

Good morning, Class. [adjusts monocle] Today we're going to watch a veddy interesting four-minute video of Sir Patrick Moore discussing, with Prof. Derek Ward Thompson and Prof. Carlos Frenka, the eventual collision of our own Milky Way Galaxy with the nearby Andromeda Galaxy. [wags finger, chuckles slightly] Do not be frightened, children. Although galaxies are bashing into each other all the time, this particular collision won't occur for at least another three billion years. However, when it does ... [frowns, lowers voice] everyone in both galaxies will undoubtedly have a veddy, veddy bad day. [brightens] Ahem. Well then. Let's watch, shall we?

Do have a nice day. Class dismissed.
Oh yes, please review related material, here. Cheerio.