Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Writing Meme

I got this from Cynthia, who has a great blog and she posts some amazing pictures she's taken from time to time. Definitely worth checking out! She wrote this meme herself.

1. Do you have a favorite writing instrument?

I write on the computer. My hand cramps up if I use a pen or a pencil. Besides, typing is faster for me. (I was a legal secretary for 25 years.)

2. Do you imbue said favored writing instrument with special powers; for example, the ability to jump start your work?

The computer doesn't jump start my work. However, I've noticed that if I take my laptop, Harriett, with me to say, Barnes & Noble, I get more writing done than if I'm at home. I think it's because at home, I'm thinking of all the stuff I "should" be doing instead, whereas if I've gone somewhere specifically to write, then I'm more focused.

3. Are you superstitious or analytical about your muse?

Not superstitious, not analytical. Just in awe. When a character takes over, when a scene writes itself, when a plot thread suddenly becomes whole cloth, a part of me sits back and watches, simply gobsmacked by the process.

4. Is it better to write or to have written?

For me, to have written. Writing doesn't come easily to me, and since I'm basically lazy, I'm often daunted by the work.

5. There is a certain celestial alignment present in many famous writer’s astrological charts. Whether or not you believe in astrology, is there something different about you that made you a writer?

I've always been in love with words and with reading (Saturn in the 3rd House, in mutual reception with Mercury.) Being introspective and naturally curious about everything helps, too (12th-House Cancerian Moon conjunct Uranus.)

If you’re a writer and so inclined, consider yourself tagged. (Thank you, Cynthia.)