Friday, December 29, 2006

In A Funk

Blick. I'm in a funk. Writer's block. Blogging block. Constipated with words. Or full of it, you might say. Ew. See? Terrible analogy.

Knowing I need to write. Staring at the keyboard. Which produced this profundity:

Thank goodness for keyboards; otherwise, we'd have to operate our 'puters with
our bare hands.

How sad is that?

This is how sad - I am the Tagee of an alphabet meme, and I am going to answer it right here, right now. You were warned.

A- Available or single? And so, it's come to this.

B- Best Friend? Tomcat, who is also the love of my life.

C- Cake or pie? Cake. Icing optional.

D- Drink of choice? Coffee. Hot and black (no, that's not a reference to how I like my men.)

E- Essential item I use every day. Fork.

F- Favorite color: Red.

G- Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? Ick.

H- Hometown? Wherever my home is. I was born in Smalltown, Texas, but haven't been there since the age of one.

I- Indulgence: Half-Price Book Store.

J- January or February? Yes. (WTF?)

K- Kids and names: Scruffybutt and Katycat.

L- Life is incomplete without? Music.

M- Marriage date: I always date before marriage.

N- Number of siblings: Two.

O- Oranges or apples? Yes, but for comparison purposes only.

P- Phobias or fears? Both.

Q- Favorite quote?: For every action, there's an overreaction (from Maxwell, my ex, and the subtitle of my WIP, Gino's Law.)

R- Reasons to smile: Hoss' b**g, CuteOverload.

S- Season: Tarragon's my favorite.

T- Tag 3 or 4 people. I'll tag one. Dan Rockstar is so due.

U- Unknown fact about me: I can rewrite a dream while I'm dreaming. Do other people do that, too?

V- Vegetable you don’t like: Beets, but it's not personal.

W- Worst habit: Starting a blog and then not keeping up with it.

X- X-Rays: They're why I don't go swimming in the ocean.

Y- Your favorite food? The ones with large amounts of cholesterol.

Z- Zodiac sign? Aquarius.