Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Well, for a blog with a banner that says, "My God, It's Full of Words!" this must have been a disappointment lately because I haven't had much to say!

My blogging muse isn't consistent, sorry to say.

The things that are on my mind aren't all that blogworthy, or at least they don't seem so to me. Some subjects seem too weird or too deep, while others seem too shallow and not weird enough.

I mean, is the blogosphere* really clamoring for my musings on the force of gravity? alien visitations? atheism? global warming? Or, how about the number and kinds of spring bulbs I planted the other day? my cholesterol count? what I got for Christmas? this crazy Texas weather?

I just don't know. I'm thinking that next year, I'll:

quit blogging,
or blog very sporadically while continuing to keep up with your blogs,
or start blogging about all the deeply weird, plus the shallow boring stuff to provide a daily update for this "blog full of words."

You have been warned. :)

*i.e., my three or four regular readers