Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We have Internet at last. (The first phone company appointment was a no-show.)

As soon as this post is up, I'm gonna start catching up on your blogs - boy, have I missed you guys!

Since the move, I feel like I'm living in a building, not a house, much less a home. Tomcat and I are basically living upstairs in the larger of the two efficiency apartments here at Maxwell House. That's because the floors of one apartment downstairs are being refinished, and the furniture and boxes for that part of the house are piled up in the other downstairs apartment. Put another way, one apartment is empty so the guy can do the floors, and the other apartment is crammed with all the furniture and boxes of everything that will stay downstairs. We can't even unpack much down there because of the fumes from the floor project.

Above stairs, the teensy small efficiency is crammed with boxes of stuff for a sewing/laundry room, but there's no air conditioner in there at the moment. It was 100 degrees here today, and there's no way I'm unpacking anything without A/C. There's no washer hookup yet (Tomcat's had more important things to do, like getting the Internet up and stuff, not to mention his day job.)

The full-sized apartment up here is where Tom has his office and where our books are housed, mostly still in boxes. That's because even though we now have a library, we have more books than shelf space. I'm not going to let this whole place be taken up with books. God knows I have nothing against books. I adore books. But sometimes, we have to let go. This is the time for Tomcat us to do so.

This week, the Internet. Next week: cable television (yesterday's appointment was a no-show.)


Scruffybutt says she wants the laptop now.