Wednesday, July 26, 2006

... the Mice Will Forget to Play?

I didn't really forget. But yesterday was "my day" to be guest blogger, and I couldn't think of anything to say!

I know, hard to believe for those of you who know me.

But yes, 'tis true. I simply couldn't think of anything to say.

I mean, my new passion is cycling. I am such a jock. I tried to make a U-turn in the middle of the street, saw the curb RUSHING AT ME -- I was going probably 1.3 mph!!! -- tried to stop with my COASTER BRAKES THAT I HAVEN'T HAD SINCE I WAS 13 YEARS OLD --

And crashed into the curb and did an endo.

See? I am so cool I know cycle jargon.

An endo, for those of you who are not as cool as I am, is going over the handlebars.

See? I rock. Not only could I not negotiate a U-turn in the middle of the freaking street (okay I was going downhill and it was faster than I realized and I was OVERTHINKING it, okay?) and not only did I forget that I had hand brakes and not only did I bump into -- I mean CRASH INTO the curb -- I flew over the handlebars and landed like a sorta not-very-good stunt chick.

(Well, maybe. Actually, from the placement of my scary bruises, I'm not sure I went over the handlebars, but the resident storm chaser who was riding with me swears I did.)

I am also such a jock that when he wanted to ride home, pick up our Element and drive back to get me I refused and made him keep riding with me another two or three or four miles, which included going to Starbucks to make my boo-boos feel all better. (These are boo-boos that caused my gynecologist to shriek in horror when she saw them, and then regale me with her own stupid-cyclist-tricks. I mean, she was on her bike at the starting line of a race and TUMPED OVER. Got that? Just, tumped over. I mean, how lame is that?)

So okay I've rambled on and on all about my latest passion, and now that you realize how hopeless I am, maybe you'll take pity on me and --

Support me on my LIVESTRONG ride?

(Candace didn't say we couldn't use her space for advertising, did she?)

I mean, it has been a whole month since I didn't know how to U-turn. Or, um, stop. I'm a very good rider now. Honest.

Not only will your donation be going to a worthy cause, but if you want to honor someone special with your contribution, I'll be carrying names, photos, small mementos with me on the ride. I'm also asking people who are willing to send me something about the person they're honoring to post on my blog. I've also started a second honor roll blog that has nothing but the memorials on it.

And I'm sending a LIVESTRONG wristband to all who support the cause through my ride.

I hope Candace and TomCat are having a fabulous time in sizzlin' hot London!

Can't wait for reports, pics and Candace to show up in this spot next week.

And, um, let's just keep it between us that I missed my day, okay.