Thursday, July 20, 2006

To London We Shall Go

I can hardly wait to see London again. It's been three years.

THIS time, we're taking carry-on luggage only. LAST time, we learned the meaning of the word "schlepp." We don't do schlepp anymore.

Tomcat's having a Significant Birthday* on the 28th, so that's our official reason for going.

We're not going to take our laptops, so we'll be Offline (yes, I've been offline for a number of years, har har.)

But that doesn't mean that YOU have to be deprived, because there will be a few guests posting here in my absence, so stay tuned!

I won't be able to see what they've written until I get back, which means I won't have a chance to defend myself make comments, but YOU can. And whatever you do, PLEASE visit their blogs and say "Howdy."

We're leaving tomorrow for ten days. We'll leave Scruffybutt in charge (drop by her blog, too, to give her some encouragement, okay?)

We'll take lots of pictures for ya, thanks to the camera Tomcat's folks gave him as an early birthday present.


* He's going to be 50!

P.S. No, I didn't take this picture (it's too good) - I found it on the 'net.