Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tomcat Sticks It To The Man

THIS is the PILE OF TWIGS  that the City Code Compliance officer cited us for because it was on the curb the week before curb pickup week:

Image hosting by Photobucket

The fine?  Two Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars!  The twigs and sticks were out there in the first place because they had not been picked up on the last curb pickup week.  Why?  Probably because someone parked their car in front of it, blocking access.  We're across the street from a school.

So yesterday morning was the court date.  Tom had taken pictures of the pile from all angles, plus pictures of the mountain of bagged leaves in our courtyard.  They were in the courtyard waiting to be taken out to the curb during pickup week!  He also sent a certified letter, return receipt requested, to the City requesting the appearance of the Compliance Officer.

You should have seen Tomcat, dressed in a suit and wearing his red power tie.  Armed with photographs and a briefcase. Hell would be paid.  Full of righteous indignation.  Ready to shock and awe.  Ready to DEMAND a jury trial if necessary!  Ready to kick butt and take names.

Yessir.  The judge dismissed the case almost as soon as it was called.  Done deal.  No fine to pay. Citation de-lete-ted from the System.

THAT'S what happens when my Tomcat sticks it to the Man.  And with twigs, too.