Friday, March 03, 2006

Is It 2008 Yet?

Garnie raised this question in her comment to my last post.

I just finished reading Al Franken's newest book, The Truth, with jokes (look over there on the right under "Currently Reading.") As always, Franken is careful to document his work in appendices. This administration is criminal, and it's way beyond anything Tricky Dick ever did (I suppose that moniker could be applied now to both Nixon and Clinton, couldn't it?) Treason is not too strong a word. This was not "news" to me, but many of the incidents in the book were. The more I read, the more I wept (figuratively) and the angrier I got (not figuratively.) For the love of God and this country, we have got to get these people out of the Whitehouse AND the Congress.

No, it's not 2008 yet. But THIS is a Congressional election year. If we succeed this year, then we may not have to wait until 2008. Can you say "impeachment?"

And if we can't succeed this year or in 2008? Well, Tomcat keeps telling me that it's really not that cold in Canada.