Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Problem With Impeachment Ribbon

I was looking for a source to get a new "Impeach Bush" banner because mine had disappeared. Fortunately, I ran across this site and found out that the problem has been noted and is being explored. Whew! The paranoids weren't after me. This time.

I copied the html code for an "Impeach Bush" badge, which is over there on the sidebar.

Meanwhile, if you haven't seen my new link, called "Asshat," you will be entertained. Just click on the pictures. Many thanks to Shelly at Citizen Against Lies on my blogroll!

I didn't vote in the primaries today because I wouldn't be able to sign the petition to get Kinky Freidman on the November ballot for Texas Governor. His supporters call this: Save Yourself For Kinky!

You can click on his site over there on my links, too.