Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kitchen Sink

Well this is interesting...

Meet the (White) Man Who Inspired Rev. Wright's Sermon

People kept saying that Wright's comments were taken out of context and that we should look at the whole piece. I never did because, I mean, how "out of context" can "God damn America" be? I was (and still am) proud of my chosen candidate for denouncing (and rejecting) Wright's comments. Now we learn from this article in The Huffington Post (not, of course, from the MSM) that Rev. Wright was speaking, in amazement, about the fact that a white man had expressed these ideas, and on Faux News, no less. Rev. Wright ain't off the hook IMO, but now I can better understand why he made those comments.


Here's an article that looks ahead to the election:

Beyond CheneyBush:
A Realistic (Cynical?) View of Change

by Bernard Weiner

It was written on February 19th, so I think the author was rather prophetic in predicting the current Obama-Clinton mud fight.

The danger for the Democrats is that Clinton and Obama, desperate for victory, will savage each other in such ways as to provide an enormous amount of political ammunition for McCain and the Republicans in both the presidential and congressional contests.

Mr. Weiner speculates that the GOP has already given up on 2008 and is looking ahead at 2012, hoping to regain power by blaming the mess we're in on the likely coming Democratic administration.

I think it's safe to say that whomever gets into power would be inheriting a huge, tangled mess, one of the worst in American political history. Part of that mess derives from the near-total ineptitude of the current Administration, but much of it is planned chaos designed to mess up the social/political/economic system so badly as to hamstring the incoming president from being able to do much corrective or creative restoration of good government. The GOP hope is that the public will then take out their frustrations on the Democrats in power rather than on those who originally created the gawdawful situation domestically and in Iraq and probably Iran as well.

The author points out that we progressives have an opportunity for real change.

I'd be overjoyed to be proven wrong by a Democratic president and Congress willing to take the bold progressive moves that the country so desperately needs and, in many ways, wants. If the Democrats were to capture unstoppable majorities in both houses of Congress, along with the presidency, that might even be possible.

I'd be overjoyed, too. If we don't stay involved in politics over the next four years (and beyond), we will never get our country back. We have to demand that the new administration keeps its promises. (In the case of Sen. Obama, if he becomes our president, I expect him to restore habeas corpus, as he promised. That's at a minimum, because of course there's a lot of Constitutional damage to repair. Since he taught Constitutional Law at Harvard, I expect him to know what he's doing in that regard.)

Mr. Weiner says it best:

Of course, all of us must work our asses off in trying to do more that just settle for what we can get. After eight years of CheneyBush, there are opportunities there for strong, positive leadership as well as plenty of sinkholes of inevitable despair.

So, what we're talking about here is to use the next four years to govern aggressively, yes. But also to educate and train and work for increasing the power and backbone of ordinary citizens and progressive/liberal candidates and office-holders. In addition, wealthy Democratic individuals must step forward to support and help establish the progressive superstructure of honest media, more liberal think tanks, grassroots activist training, solvent internet bloggers, and so on, to help the "restoration" take root and grow. All this will take infinite patience and unflinching determination.

If we had forgotten before CheneyBush, we've been sorely reminded (by their immoral war, moral and financial corruption, and desecration of the Constitution) that democracy has to be worked on day by day, fought for day by day, lest our apathy and acquiescence create an avenue for HardRightists to return to power, which could mean leading this country into even more domestic and foreign-policy disasters.

Politics is indeed a contact sport, and, without ceding the moral high ground by crass imitation of our ideological enemies, we'd better learn how to sharpen our elbows and get in there and play it.


Finally, I'm thrilled that Gov. Richardson endorsed Sen. Obama yesterday! An Obama/Richardson ticket could be unstoppable.