Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I find Adm. Fallon's sudden resignation to be the most disturbing news I've heard since the Decider invaded Iraq. THIS ARTICLE's title, Commander's Resignation Shows a New Era of Micromanagement, misses the most important point. It's NOT the micromanagement that worries me. What disturbs me is the fact that he resigned amid ongoing disagreement with Bush/Cheney over the "need" to invade Iran. The keyword here is "ongoing." WTF? Isn't this administration supposed to be readying itself for its transition out of office in less than a year? Isn't it obvious that this administration is in peril of actually having to pass the torch on to the opposition, the Democratic party, who isn't running on a bomb-Iran platform? So why is this discussion of an invasion of Iran ongoing? The only conclusion I can come to is that this administration has every intention of proceeding with its plans, else why discuss them at all? That means we're going to see an "October surprise." Some manufactured reason to invade Iran before this administration's term is out. And if that happens, it wouldn't make sense for Bush/Cheney to stop there and hand over the reins of power mid-stream. No, the only way they could continue to have power would be to suspend elections in November. And they can do that, now, thanks to presidential signing statements giving them the power to run the country without Congressional, or even Judicial interference.

Adm. Fallon's resignation is an ominous, disturbing signal that we're focusing on the wrong thing. It's not who will be the Democratic nominee in the coming election. It's not even which party will win the election itself. It's whether there will BE an election.