Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From a friend of mine:
I was watching Larry King's interview with Jon
Stewart, and Larry, of course, was asking him about
the primaries. Jon had this line that I just had to

Larry asked Jon if America was ready for a woman or a
black president.

Jon looked at him quizzically and said,

"This is such a non-question...Did anyone ask us in
2000 if Americans were ready for a MORON?"

The Decider tells us that the Iraq war "was worth it" and "the war must go on." The Republican presidential nominee agrees. People, for the love of this country, vote Democratic in November, no matter who the nominee is, no matter if you have to hold your nose and carry a barf bag. You think the last five years of this war were bad? Then let's not extend that to a hundred. Please. Just sayin.