Sunday, December 30, 2007

Seven True Lies?

UPDATE: The lie is revealed, and there is info about each true statement in the Comments. Thanks again for playing!

Randal tagged me with the Seven Deadly Lies meme, in which you tell seven lies about yourself. I remembered that I did something similar a couple of years ago - it was a meme called True Lies, in which you list four things about yourself, three of which are true, and one is a lie. People would try to guess which one was the lie.

I'm going to do the seven lies meme with a twist - I'll list seven things about myself, but only six of them are true. You guess which is the lie. Here goes:

1. I've been married three times.

2. I've had two house fires.

3. I've been in an earthquake.

4. I've been in a tornado.

5. I can't drive a stick shift.

6. I once met Pete Townshend.

7. I'm afraid of cows.

I tag Mandlebrot's Chaos, Seshat, and Pooks.