Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Pooks tagged me with this one.

Write a drabble, which is a story containing exactly 100 words. It does not have to be a poem. (my word count includes the title)

This is about our new cat, named Shadow. Click here for a pic.

A Cat's Tale

I lived on the street
in summer's heat and winter's sleet.

I was sealed in an attic
by a local fanatic.

After a three-week fast
I was rescued at last

And given a home, so lovely, so nice
(except for the diet, which doesn't have mice.)

I've gained some weight 'round my middle.
I have my own place to piddle,

Plus a shelf at the window for sunning
and toys that are squeaky and cunning.

It's a big house to roam
with a bed of my own.

Say, life's pretty good
since I left the 'hood!

I tag John.