Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Did ya'll see Jon Stewart last night? OMG, Tomcat and I were skuh-REEM-ing with laughter! The video is not up yet on The Daily Show site, but look for it maybe later today or tomorrow. Click on the link and go to Videos, Most Recent. He was savoring the absolutely delicious story of Cheney's hunting mishap and the subsequent grilling of the Press Secretary by reporters. I haven't laughed so hard in ages! Look for the video; I won't spoil it for ya here.

And speaking of the White House Press Corps, what a bunch of idiots! There they were, for the second day in a row, peppering (you might say) the Secretary with relentless questions and demands for clarifications and specifics, you know, the who-what-where-when-why-how stuff they suddenly remembered from journalism school. I just have to ask, THIS is the story that woke them up??? The Veep goes quail hunting and mistakes Whittington for a bird? NOW the Press Corps is doing its job like, you know, real journalists???

They sat there, apparently cowed, through that whole Iraq thing. They were timid about even asking for specifics on, say, WMDs (not to mention all the other stories they could have gotten righteous about, like bribery and corruption, the "elections," etc.)

What is going on with them NOW over this stupid hunting accident story? I mean, you'd think this had something to do with violations of civil rights, national security, or committing troops to an unnecessary war, or any number of other critical, important stories, you know, like Monica Lewinsky.