Friday, February 24, 2006

Carolina Dreamin'

This week I'm supposed to be doing research for my mystery novel.

And keeping up with my blog.

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Instead, I'm Googling pics of North Carolina. As both of my readers know, that's where Tomcat and I want to be, but we have to sell Maxwell House first. Sigh.

Did you know there are SO many things to do when you're avoiding the things you SHOULD be doing? It's true.

For example:

Visit everyone on your blogroll and leave comments, preferably lengthy, insightful ones. The kind that need revising before you hit "Post Comment."

Lurk on other people's blogs but don't leave comments.

Lurk on your own blog. (I'm watching you this very minute!)

Try to figure out why someone spent 89 minutes, 48 seconds on your blog, but didn't leave a comment.

Queue up a dozen articles on the printer for your research.

Fix jammed printer.

Fix jammed printer again.

Give up on damn jammed printer.

Pout. You cannot work under these conditions!

Find something, anything, to blog about.

Return to Google. They might need you.


P.S. Tomcat had a T-Shirt made for me on Valentine's Day. It says "Blog-Worthy."

Today? Eh. Not so much.