Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Scruffybutt sez

Scruffybutt sez ...
Mommy needs to be seen to.

On Monday, Scruffybutt and I went in for estimates - she to the groomer's, and I to the salons (nail and hair.) I consider this pampering, but she thinks it's torture. To make up for it, yesterday I took her with me to the local burger biggie, just so she won't always associate car trips with "bad" things.

So, there I was, driving home with a sack full of burger and fries on my lap, Scruffybutt next to me in her little car seat - the one that lets her sit up high enough to see out the windows - and I've got one hand on the steering wheel, and the other holding a very hot french fry in front of the cold air blasting from the air-conditioner vent. To cool it off. You know. So it won't be too hot for her little mouthie.