Thursday, June 21, 2007

Richard Dawkins launches social network; StumbleUpon

I was pleased to learn that Richard Dawkins just launched a Social Network for like-minded people to share their ideas. After creating a Profile page, there were several tabs I could explore right away. I clicked on "Articles" and found this gem, a YouTube recording of Kirk Cameron's appearance on Bill O'Reilly's show, with superb commentary. Enjoy.

Also, I stumbled upon StumbleUpon, which allows you to surf sites keyed to your specific areas of interest. StumbleUpon will learn your likes and dislikes as you go along. Any time you see a website you like, you click on the thumbs-up icon that comes free with the download. The site gets recorded on your Profile page, and your fellow Stumblers can (if you allow it) see the pages you have recommended. If you StumbleUpon a website you can't stand, then clicking on the thumbs-down icon will tell StumbleUpon to spare you stuff like that in the future. Like the Dawkins network, you can also join groups and meet people whose interests you share.

Of interest to bloggers: you can put a StumbleUpon button on your blog posts, as I have, so that if someone StumblesUpon one of your posts and they like it, they can click on the button and recommend your post to other Stumblers (about two million peeps as of today.)