Friday, January 05, 2007

When in doubt, kill someone

I'm enjoying our writers' group so much. This week, I didn't submit anything on my WIP, Gino's Law, because everything I've written on it so far has already been critiqued. Instead, I brought my blueprint, which is a 36" x 28" piece of brown drycleaners' paper with the three-act story mapped out in pencil, complete with the turning points and a timeline at the bottom.

I'm just past the Midpoint, and I've hit a wall. The scenes I had planned for this part of the story don't seem very exciting, and I suppose that's why I've been doing everything I can to avoid writing them - you know, like organizing dresser drawers, working a jigsaw puzzle, and surfing.

When I unrolled the blueprint and asked for help, the immediate response from one member was "Kill another character." Another person said, "Have Gino set a trap for the killer." And another's suggestion was to have Gino accidentally kill someone while he's trying to find out who set him up for murder." God, I love these people.