Thursday, January 18, 2007

Not Again/Never Again

Not again. Yesterday I heard a reporter refer to the O. J. Simpson proceeding as the "trial of the century." I don't mean to minimize Simpson's crime, and I have the deepest respect and sympathy for the Goldmans, the Browns, and the Simpson children. However, the Simpson trial was a farce permitted and orchestrated by a judge and a defense attorney who wanted to put on a show for the media, had a famous but narcissistic cold-blooded murderer, an incompetent prosecution team, and a jury with an agenda. It was a circus-like phenonmenon that captured the world's attention for a while because it was, apparently, the most entertaining thing on television at the time. But it was in no way the "trial of the century."

Nuremberg was the trial of the century.

The Holocaust occurred in the same century. The horror of that and the significance of the subsequent trials at Nuremberg will continue to impact our world for all time. Just a little historical perspective here, please!