Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lavender Dawn's blog is fun. (She's very talented and she designed my blog's template, btw.) Anway, she talked today about discovering the Urban Dictionary, and while browsing therein, she came across the definition(s) of e-penis. E-penis! I had never ever heard that term before in my life. I love it.

You know who I immediately thought of? Old Horsetail Snake! Hoss posts every day (well, he did until he re-met up with the gal who evidently never forgot his, um, bio-penis.) His posts usually have an outrageous cartoon, and the jokes should come with a coffee-spit-take warning, PLUS he offers a very funny and creative Word of the Day. He has a large and loyal following here in the Blogosphere, as he deserves. I mean, most of us just can't go a day without a Hoss fix. So yes, I immediately thought: Hey, Hoss has a huge e-penis!

Then I got to thinking about other people with huge e-penae. Naturally, Stephen Colbert came immediately to mind. Surely that goes without further comment.
And Hillary Clinton, after I read this article. The gal has cajones:
Democratic presidential contender Hillary Rodham Clinton said in Iowa on Sunday President George W Bush should find a way out of Iraq before he leaves office and called it “the height of irresponsibility” to leave the problem to the next administration.
Who would you include in the e-penis top ten?