Friday, November 10, 2006

Careful - There's a Bleen Loose in the Library

You know that invisible thing that cats chase that we can't see? Tom calls it a "bleen." That's a word that George Carlin made up years ago because there's no word for the day after the day after tomorrow. He said let's call it "bleenday." Never caught on.

So, we use it for the invisible thingy only cats can see. Our cat, Katy (see Scruffybutt's blog for a pic) chases these things whenever they, um, appear?

So this morning as Tom left for work, he said, "Careful; there's a bleen loose in the library."


The election results were fan-tab-u-lous.

Kinky Friedman, however, only got 13% of the Texas vote for governor. Oh well. The good news is that the incumbent, Republican Rick Perry, although keeping his seat, now knows that more people in Texas voted against him than for him.

The real shocker here locally is that Dallas County went Democratic. No one predicted that, and there were some very surprised Republican judges and district attorney.

I think Nancy Pelosi has been a class act these past few days, and I'm going to hold her to the promise of representing the Center, not the far-left fringe. This is something we all must do - hold Congress' feet to the fire for a change!


Hope y'all have a good weekend. I'll try to come up with some silly for tomorrow's post.