Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Speaking of Obsessions

In addition to my notebook obsession, I also have a handbag obsession. For some women, it's shoes. I love handbags, and the best place to find them in Dallas is Sam Moon's. What you see on their website is a tee-niny portion of what they have in the store. You walk into this enormous warehouse-sized space and you see mountains of handbags. They're mounded in bins, lined along the walls all the way to the ceiling, and stacked on the floor. It is absolute heaven because you could spend days in there just looking at everything. If you're a woman, this will make sense to you. The men that I know can't manage more than two steps inside the door before they have to turn around and head for the luggage department next door, or anywhere, as long as it isn't there. It's that great.

Today I had to have my Sam Moon fix. The prices are low because of the volume of business they have. I bought a humongous bag that's buttery soft and lightweight that I'll take to London with me. Then I headed for the wallet section, where I found My Big Fat Leather Wallet in a color called "Barcelona," which is a sort of metallic-olive. This wallet has a calculator, a mirror, a calendar, notebook, address book, a pen, and compartments for everything. The tag says, "Fill it up if you can." I love a challenge.

Sam Moon also sells jewelry, scarves, belts, and hats. Those will have to wait for another trip. Well, okay. I bought two scarves, but that's all.

Anyone else want to confess?