Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hello? Is This Thing On?

I can't believe we didn't have internets for over a week since we moved. There was a question over whether the phone company or the apartment owners were responsible for the phone jack to the PC, then the phone company lost our DSL request, then their "expedited" work order ... wasn't. Plus, delays and a glitch in getting everything moved, first to the new apartment, and then stuff put into storage, and Tomcat and I being too exhausted to even walk down to the internet cafe to get online in the evenings. Whew!

And now there are tons of emails and lots of blogs to catch up on. But it's good to be back, folks. Did I miss anything?

All I know so far is that the president says the economy's good and the surge is working. And I'm pleased to see that my candidate is doing so well and that my (Texas) vote will actually matter this time.

Oh, and I just found my iPod.

Now I'm off (but only a little) to read your blogs.